Friday, March 23, 2018

When you hear "Terrorist", what comes to mind?

Looking at an article this morning regarding a "terrorist" incident in southern France, I go to thinking...

What comes to mind when the headline reads "terrorist"?

Do you immediately flash to "Muslim", "ISIS", "Islam" . . .

Yet, most of the "terrorist" incidents in the USA have been "white guys".

We shouldn't always think about specifics when we read a headline about terrorist activity. There are terrorists all over the world and skin color, religion, ethnic background... should not make any difference. This is one of those little biases that occurs without even reaching the level where we recognize it when it occurs. 

Here in the states, we have to come to the realization that there are domestic terrorists who have nothing to do with Islam. In fact, they are the exact opposite on the alt-right. The "white guy" walking down main street, could be much more dangerous than the person of color that you might feel a bit of apprehension about as they come toward you.

Friday, February 9, 2018

So, here's the problem....

In describing the recent 2 year budget deal, senate Democrat Chuck Schumer said, basically, that the bill had something that the Republicans wanted and something that the Democrats wanted and something that the American People wanted.

If the Republicans and Democrats are not the "American People" just who are they? Who do they represent? Obviously, NOT you and I -- the American Person.

The ONLY thing that any elected representative should represent is the people who elected them. If these swamp dwellers did that, and ignored the fact that they are Republicans and Democrats, things would be much better.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Ego Horizon

Like a black hole's event horizon, Lying Donald is enclosed in an "ego horizon". Unlike the event horizon where nothing gets out, Lying Donald's ego horizon lets nothing in. It would be great if it worked the other way, but, that's reality...

The ego horizon lets nothing in that doesn't fit Lying Donald's skewed world view. That is, a view where everything that he says, does, thinks, is the greatest and reality that contradicts that view is "fake".

The ego horizon is the reason that he can lie constantly. The lies fit within the horizon and he doesn't let anything else in to affect that.

The scary part about Lying Donald's ego horizon is that is beginning to encompass the swamp dwellers in his administration and the Greed Over People party dominated congress. It appears that the Greed Over People party will do anything to protect their "dear leader" (sound familiar?), including screwing over the American People who voted for them. All in favor of their super rich backers. The swamp dweller dominated federal government is looking more and more like Russia than the United States. The oligarchs are dominating everything and sucking up all the wealth they can get their hands on.

We will never be able to penetrate the Lying Donald Ego Horizon, the best we can do is...

  • Keep it simple.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Don't get cocky.

and hope that those who supported Lying Donald the the Greed Over People party get the message.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Yelling at the Radio

I listen to NPR while driving. Since the election of Lying Donald and the takeover of the swamp dwellers, we, naturally, have been hearing the lies and double talk from the swamp.

With the passage of the Lying Donald's and Greed Over People (GOP) party's tax rape of the American People, I find myself yelling at the radio every time I hear one of the GOP swamp dwellers lying about this scam.

I listen to the justifications for this unjustifiable affront to the American People and all I hear is "BULL SH*T, BULL SH*T, BULL SH*T...". It oozes out of every lie told to sell this tax scam to the nation.

All I can think about is just how SCREWED the 99% are. And then I think about the next step in the rape of 99% of American People, when Lying Donald and the Greed Over People party goes after Social Security, Medicare and other "entitlement" programs to pay for the deficit the swamp dwellers created.

And about that word..."Entitlement" is just what these programs are. I am entitled to the benefits I have paid for over the 50 years of my employment as is every other American Person. This despite the fact that the swamp dwellers have raided the funds in which these moneys are placed to support their rich friends, carry out unjustified wars, and benefit the 1%.

The swamp dwellers use the term entitlement as a derogatory statement, but it is not. It is something that you and I have EARNED over years of taxes based on our hard work. We ARE entitled to these moneys. The Greed Over People party must not take those benefits away, especially based on an ill-advised action they have taken to rape us.

If the Greed Over People party wants to go after something, go after military spending, go after the corporate welfare that they have heaped on the backs of the 99%, go after Wall Street bankers and other leaches on society who caused the last major depression. Go after the 1% to really make them pay their fair share of the cost of the benefits of our country that they are the principal recipients of.

Maybe I should just stop listening to news on the radio or switch to music when one of the swamp dwellers is being interviewed... 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Change the meaning of GOP

I think we need to change the meaning of the Republican party's "GOP" acronym from

Grand Old Party


Greed Over People

... enough said.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Trickle Down - Taxes are an expense, YOU are an expense

It's time to reiterate something I have said before:

YOU are an expense

Corporations MINIMIZE expenses and MAXIMIZE revenues to INCREASE profits.
They MINIMIZE taxes -- an EXPENSE.
They MINIMIZE payroll expenses -- an EXPENSE.

It makes absolutely no sense to say that a PROFIT driven enterprise will reduce one expense -- taxes -- to turn right around and increase another -- your salary.

Remember, these are PROFIT-driven enterprises, NOT public benefit enterprises.

Don't believe Lying Donald and the Swamp Dwellers when they lie to you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Call the ACA what it has become -- TRUMPcare

It's time to call the ACA by another alias. It is no longer "Obamacare", but "TRUMPcare".

Lying Donald is doing all he can to sabotage the ACA and he needs to be given "credit" for his efforts. People need to know that, when they can't afford or get insurance, it is Lying Donald and his swamp dwellers who have caused the problem.

Lying Donald, you break it YOU own it.