Saturday, April 24, 2010

Confidence in Free Enterprise and Corporations?

I don't have any. You know that your company's goal is to maximize their profits. Anything which contributes to that goal is good. Anything which doesn't isn't. Any tactic that they think they can get away with in pursuit of that goal is also good. The only bad thing is getting caught and that's only bad because it tends to hurt their profits.

I don't trust any company to look after my well-being. Oh sure, they tell you that employees are their most important asset, but, therein is the lie. You are NOT an asset, you are an expense. You are a human resource. To the bottom line, you are just like that desk you work at, the electricity you use, and the computer you work with. In fact, if they can eliminate you, outsource you, or replace you with a cheaper human resource in another country, they also reduce those expenses.

I don't trust politicians either since they are just extensions of the corporations who back their campaigns. Anything which hurts the profit margins of their corporate sponsors hurts their campaign funds since those same funds are also expenses to the corporation. And, as we know, anything which affects the bottom line -- like a politician who votes against the interest of the corporation -- needs to be reduced to maximize profits.

I think what I need to do, therefore, as an American Person, is to convince the corporations that doing good is a benefit to the bottom line.