Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tell Barbara Boxer -- Great Job on the Healthcare Bill

One of the problems with having ads on a blog site is that you get ads you really don't agree with. There's one on this blog that wants to repeal the health care reform bill. This American Person doesn't agree with that. Modify it, maybe, repeal it, NO. We need to move forward, not continue to stuff the pockets of insurance companies while the rest of us suffer. There are always those who want to retain the status quo. After all, it IS the status quo because someone benefits from it. It's difficult to move off the current situation because so many influential people (read politicians) are where they are because they and those who support them (read give them money) profit from the current situation. Sure, they don't want change because change might mean reducing or eliminating that profit.

I say we move forward. Take the new reform and make it better for each American Person, not just the American People who benefit from the current, broken system.