Thursday, May 27, 2010

Politicians Lie

The Pope IS Catholic . . . Bears DO poop in the woods . . .

Politicians LIE . . .

Don't be shocked! The current term is SPIN. Everything is spun to achieve the politician's main goal -- to get (re)elected.

Again, don't be shocked. A politician doesn't govern to make things better each American Person. They exist to get (re)elected. How do they get elected? In the U.S. it's by raising campaign contributions. (BTW, in other countries, these are referred to as bribes and we are vehemently against these.)

So how do we deal with the fact that politicians lie? There is the old axiom:

How do you tell if a politician is lying?

His lips are moving.

So we need to expect that a politician, by definition, will not tell us the whole truth. Just expect it. The trick is to understand where the bribes -- er contributions -- are coming from and to understand what benefit the politician is hoping to achieve by his lie. You can bet that is probably isn't a benefit for the average person, but for the major contributor. Once you understand the flow of money, you can apply a filter to what a politician says and filter out much of the BS from his statements.

Of cource, in many cases, this will turn politicians into mimes!