Saturday, October 30, 2010

Turn off your Television

If you have been disgusted by the political advertising as I have, now is the time to turn off your television. You might also want to rent that movie or plan that outing for Tuesday night as you will be inundated with political reporting on every major channel. It seems that, despite -- or perhaps because of -- the staggering amount of money spent on political advertising this season, the atmosphere is particularly negative. It seems that politicians and political parties are hell bent on pointing out the faults of the opposition. I suspect it's because, given the current situation in the country and the inability of anyone to deal with it immediately, neither side really has all that many real ideas that they can tout. The addition of non-reportable money from those new corporate citizens isn't helping the tenor of the political debate either. Without fear of discloser, they can pour money into advertising which does little more than slam the competition without actually saying what they will do. Of course, corporations don't really want to say what they will do, since it amounts to maximizing their profits to the detriment of anyone and everyone else.

The bottom line. Keep the television off, don't read the newspapers and avoid other forms of communication until Thursday (don't want to hear all the pundits rehashing things on Wednesday).