Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Republicans are Coming!

80 Republican freshmen will hit Washington in a few days. They say that they want to change the way laws are made in the nation's capital. Let's hope that they show compassion for all people and not just their rich constituents. Some say they want to balance the budget by cutting social programs -- Social Security and Medicaid. I say, how about cutting the defense budget also. I realize that we need to spend less, but it seems that Republicans are focused on programs for working families and the poor while keeping those programs which benefit their constituents. Why not? Those poor people can't donate enough money to help with their re-election, anyway! It's rather hypocritical, though. Conservatives claim to be for family values, yet they want to eliminate all the supports which help working families stay together and make it through life. I guess God's definition of marriage as "one man and one woman" needs to revised to "one man and one woman, a housekeeper, butler, and driver".

Republicans say they want to eliminate earmarks (you know, those moneys attached to bills which benefits things like "bridges to nowhere"), while what they really want is to retain the practice of taking pork back to their constituents under a different name. After all, protecting their doaners' incomes is how they get re-elected and as we all know, a politicians primarily motivator is re-election and the retention of their power.

We can only hope that the compromise shown in the last "lame duck" session continues into 2011 so that we can all benefit from our elected legislators actually doing something. But, unless you are in outstanding shape, I wouldn't hold my breath!