Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Silly (Political) Season is starting

By "Silly Season" I mean the U.S. Presidential election season. It would be silly if the repercussions for the country with the election of the wrong president weren't so grave. The Democrats are set, Obama all the way. The Republicans and, I guess, the Tea Party-ers are starting their search for the perfect candidate.The possibilities range from the good to the bad to the ugly (at least from the point of view of a moderate like myself). They all seem to be fighting again this cycle to prove that they are the "most conservative" or a "real conservative" or whatever sound bite will get them elected. They are all running through the first primary states -- less representative of the rest of the U.S. than some foreign countries -- to gain some advantage by showing well in these areas. They're traveling by all modes of transportation short of mule to visit the parts of the country that they feel will provide the best background for whatever media event they are planning next. And, of course, they are all bashing Obama at every chance. By the time one is actually nominated, I'm sure we, again, will be thoroughly sick of the entire thing and just want it over. At least they will provide good fodder for stand up comedians and late night talk show hosts for the next year.