Sunday, August 7, 2011

Super Congress?

OK, let me see if I get this straight. The problem with Washington is the partisan divide in the congress. So, with the passing of the debt limit bill, we are going to create a "super committee" which some are calling "Super Congress" made up, in all likelihood, of the the stars of the partisan-ism and the "idiots" actually expect this group to accomplish something!? Exactly what are they putting into that "tea"?

The crux of the failure of Washington D.C. is the fact that moderates with any hope of compromising on anything are squeezed out. Perhaps congress should look at its own approval rating. Only 1.5 people out of 10 think they are doing a good job and I suspect that these are the actual Senators and Congress members themselves. I'm thinking that the 1/2 of the person also doesn't include a full set of brains. If they're divided top to bottom, it's the bottom half and if they're split vertically, then it includes only half a brain. For anyone in Washington D.C. half a brain is probably less than 50% because I believe part of becoming a politician involves having half your brain sucked out through a crazy straw.

I suspect we'll see those triggers kick in, but be overridden by the gravy-loving special interests so that the less wealthy of us will continue to suffer at the hands of the "idiots".