Monday, January 16, 2012

You're an Expense

This crap about job creation is just that -- crap. Let me put this as simply as possible:


The Republicans are for rich people who are euphemistically called "job creators" are really "profit maximizers". They are out to maximize profits. Here's the simple formula they live by:

The things in green are GOOD while the things in red are BAD. They want to maximize the things in GREEN and minimize the things RED. You are a RED THING. As long as your total compensation produces more revenue than it adds to expenses, things are OK. But the search for more profit is ongoing and in that search, one of the largest expenses for any company is your compensation. So, don't let them fool you, you are an expense. And the first chance they get, they will send your job overseas where the compensation is very low.

Oh, and by the way, your total compensation is made up of parts. There's your salary and your benefits, both of which are bad things. Here in the U.S., the benefits portion of your compensation, is supplied by companies who are also trying to maximize THEIR profits. Wait a minute, these benefits companies (insurance companies, health care providers) are maximizing THEIR profits? But doesn't that ADD to the expenses of your company!?

You bet, and therein lies a major problem for you. You are an expense and the profit-maximizing efforts of profit-making enterprises which supply benefit services to YOUR company are increasing your company's expenses and helping your company decide to eliminate your job.

So when a Republican politician tells you that they are creating jobs, don't believe them. It's all BS.