Saturday, November 10, 2012

So, What Changed?

Obama is still president-- a good thing
The Republicans still control the House--not so good
The Democrats still control the Senate-another good thing

The message that I hope BOTH parties got from the election is that compromise is required .

This American person is tired of the Republican obstructionism. I'm also very tired of the lack of compromise on both sides. I can see the need for both spending decrease and revenue increase. What I want to see is programs the Republicans like -- defense and other programs that benefit their cronies -- are among those reduced. And, I want to see the Democrats admit that some social programs need to be more efficient. I want to see the rich pay more of their share. They do not create jobs with that money so put it to a better use for the country by benefitting the middle class who DO create jobs by their spending. I want to see programs for the poor like childcare which helps them get and keep jobs. In short, I want more moderation on both sides to benefit each American person.