Saturday, June 29, 2013

Marriage vs. Matrimony

Priest Proposes Catholics Drop 'Marriage' -

The pastor of Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian then went on to suggest that the Catholic church drop the word marriage altogether and use "Holy Matrimony" in its place.

I propose that we should exclusively refer to marriage in the Church as “Holy Matrimony.” According to this proposal the word marriage would be set aside and replaced by Holy Matrimony. It should be noticed that the Catechism of the Catholic Church refers to this Sacrament formally as “The Sacrament of Matrimony.”

You can read Pope's entire argument here.

Pope may have an unlikely ally in his effort to clarify the Catholic definition of marriage in President Obama who affirmed after the ruling that religious institutions can decide for themselves what marriage entails:

“How religious institutions define and consecrate marriage has always been up to those institutions,” he said. “Nothing about this decision –- which applies only to civil marriages -– changes that.”

I agree with that assessment. Religious groups should be able to define marriage as they wish and refuse to marry anyone. But, marriage as the set of rights from the government needs to be equal.