Thursday, July 25, 2013

Growing from the MIddle Out

No, I'm not talking about the obesity crisis in the US. I'm talking about the economy. The economy rides on the backs of the middle class. With the majority of the economy based on consumerism and the middle class being the consumers you would think it a no-brainer that a strong middle class is the key to a strong--read profitable--economy. But republicans just don't seem to get that. The rich don't create jobs. A strong middle class creates the demand for goods and services that causes businesses to hire more employees--read take on more expenses--to make more profits.

President Obama has recently brought this out in a series of speeches on the economy. His programs are aimed at strengthening the middle class. He has the right idea, but I'm afraid the obstructionist Republicans in the House will work hard to assure that their rich friends are not affected by any proposals. If only they could take their heads out of their... Well you know...long enough to see the truth in the points above, maybe everyone could benefit. I have little hope that will happen, given their track record, however. The only way for this to have any chance of success is for the Democrats to take over both houses of Congress.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Poll on Palin

Poll: What Americans Really Think Of A Sarah Palin Run -

At least the majority of American persons are showing some sense.

Most Americans aren't very keen on the idea of Sarah Palin as a U.S. senator (or as any other public official), according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll.

The survey found that 49 percent don't want Palin to hold public office again and another 15 percent couldn't muster enough enthusiasm to be sure either way. Only 35 percent said yes to the idea of Palin back in government.

She just needs to fade away into obscurity.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Anti climate change pledge?

In what comes as absolutely no shock to me, it’s been revealed recently that since 2008, the Koch brothers have been pushing Republicans nationwide to sign an “anti-climate pledge.”  Which essentially means that whoever signs it promises to not back any piece of legislation that would combat climate change.
This isn’t shocking because many Republican members of Congress have already signed an anti-tax pledge to private citizen Grover Norquist.

Yep, politicians will follow the money and the Koch brothers have lots of that. Conservatives also seem to have blinders to anything they perceive as threatening their short-term profit--even if it means ruining the economy or the world in the long term. The question is how do we get them to see climate change as detrimental to their profits when they are so vested in the status quo?