Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sausage Neighborhood

I want to coin a new term, the "Sausage Neighborhood".

A Sausage Neighborhood is one, which, like sausage, is a blend of different things. The flavor of a sausage varies depending on the meats, other ingredients, and spices. A Sausage Neighborhood is one composed of neighbors from different ethnic groups, cultures, and orientations -- each adding their own special "flavor" to the neighborhood.

By changing the spices, meats, and other ingredients in good sausage, you can make something different, but wonderful, you can change the mix of families in a neighborhood to give it a new flavor. It's the mix of cultures, ethnic groups, and orientations that give a neighborhood its "flavor". Add a family from a different culture to the neighborhood and, suddenly, your block party has a new smell as they add their dish to the potluck. Add a family from a different ethnic group and your meeting has a new look as they wear their native dress or your block has a new sound as different music is played through open windows.

It"s this blend of differences which make the neighborhood richer. And the keyword is "blend". The new neighbors bring differences which are blended into the old neighborhood to create something new and better. As families move to and from the neighborhood these blends are constantly changing creating new, interesting "sausage" that makes the neighborhood great.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cruz - Talk until he can't stand

Cruz says he'll talk until "I am no longer able to stand"

Well, I can't stand this showboating idiot right now, so he should sit down. He has no interest in serving any American Person, just his own interests.

Cruz, sit down and shut up!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Disfunctional Congress

Ted Cruz’s block-the-vote strategy

The US Congress is the most dysfunctional group of  idiots in the country and the Republicans are leading the pack by far. They would rather shut down the government than support any proposition which would threaten the profits of their rich friends. Profit-driven health care is one of the most idiotic ideas ever. I hope that the efforts to thwart the Affordable Care Act fail miserably.