Friday, October 4, 2013

Even Republicans question their people in congress

"When the it comes to the government shutdown, Democrats are all on the same page -- they've grudgingly accepted extremely low spending levels; they've not making any new or extraneous demands; and they see no need to take Americans' health care benefits away to satisfy a bizarre far-right crusade.
Are Republicans equally unified? Not so much. A fair number of House Republicans see this tantrum as pointless and are ready to end this fiasco; quite a few Senate Republicans have no idea what party leaders are thinking; and no one in the party has any sense at this point of what GOP officials are supposed to do next."
It's pretty bad when the wealthy Republican contributors question the idiocy of the Tea Party in congress. This whole thing is being driven by the 10% of the Republican party who really don't care about anyone else than themselves. Like little children, they throw a tantrum, stomp their feet and refuse to do anything they're told. It's time for the rest of the Republican party to pull our their parenting skills and send these morons to a "time out".