Monday, September 26, 2016

Political Coverage by Ratings

Article selection by popularity.

Is our political coverage being determined by ratings, advertising revenue, popularity? It seems so. Donald Trump because he is a showman and unpredictable, seems to get much more coverage than Hillary Clinton. It seems that, even when the article is about Hillary, Donald's picture is selected to appear in the brief synopses. It's sad that we are fed information about such a critical choice based on someone's ability to make a profit. But, then, isn't that the way that much of our society is.

We get articles ranked by popularity, sort of like a high school election where the most popular kid is elected despite the fact that they are, many times, the least qualified for the position. You just have to look at the articles to know that an actor's divorce or the latest antics of a useless family, famous just for being famous, really doesn't matter to anything meaningful.

Much of America seems to be treating the presidential election as a reality TV show. The actual reality of electing someone like Trump doesn't seem to set in. It's as if they are voting for America's Most Talented rather than President of the United States. And the media are helping them by focusing on the "show" of Trump rather than the reality.