Saturday, October 22, 2016

Vote Early, Vote on Nov 8, VOTE CLINTON!

Of all the elections for president that we have had, this one is the most important one to vote for Clinton. We just CAN NOT afford to have Trump make it into the White House.

I know I said this about Bush and Cheney scared me to death so, then I prayed that Bush wouldn't die and leave Cheney in charge. But, this time, both Trump and Pence scare me to death. They will dismantle all the good work that Obama has done -- health care, environment, economy... They will give the country over to the super-rich even more than it is now.

Even if you don't especially like Clinton, you can't let the Republican ticket win by default by not voting or voting for a third party candidate. More than in most elections, ALL democratic votes count.

So vote early, vote absentee, vote at your local polling station...but VOTE HILLARY.