Saturday, December 10, 2016

Trump's "Profit" Motive

I recently saw an article questioning whether Trump would be a deal maker as president. I think this isn't the question. The question is

What is Trump's "profit" motive?

He claims that he will work for the middle class, the people. But, his cabinet choices scream that he is working for the very wealthy, the very people who caused the decline of the middle class started by Reagan's policies. After all, three Goldman Sacks alums isn't exactly "draining the swamp". It's more filling it up with even scarier creatures.

Unfortunately, all the actions Trump has taken point to the conclusion that his profit is just that -- profit for the ultra-rich.

The old profit equation still holds for Trump and the Republican party with the worker in the "expenses" category and profit the only driving motivation. Everything else, the environment, social programs, Medicare, Social Security, all of it subservient to this single motivation.

The choices Trump has made indicate that his administration will make everything subservient to profits. His appointees will remove as much regulation which has kept our environment clean, monitored greedy financial institutions, provide healthcare for millions in order to increase the profits of the very rich. "Trickle down is back with a vengeance and it didn't work all the other times it has been tried.

The only trickle is the waste that the rich piss on the middle class. Stagnant wages, lack of jobs replaced by automation and outsourcing, a ruined environment, and no healthcare.

Trump voters, enjoy the "benefits" of your choice. I only wish the rest of us weren't in the same swamp with you.