Friday, December 30, 2016

We the people ...

Just in case you hadn't noticed or took some different American history class or got your history from the Tea Party, it's

WE the people...


I the person...

Yes, I know, e are all wonderfully unique, but we don;t live alone.  We live in a community and despite some peoples' thinking we ALL receive benefits from doing so.

I know that I often fail against the politician's propensity to lump u all into the "American People". But that comes from their tendency to view the "American People" from their slanted point-of-view. We ARE all unique, but that uniqueness is made up of our existence in a community. We are influenced by our community, our family, our beliefs, our interactions... In short, all of us get benefits from community and have obligations to that community.

Those obligations are as important to us as the benefits. We each have a right to protest the actions of our community, but, we must not damage other members of the community by shirking our obligations or refusing to participate in the obligations of the community -- say vaccination -- while getting the benefits.

The other members of the community have rights to receive the same benefits as YOU do. If we all insist that we will not participate in community, then chaos will ensue and our nation will fall apart. Where will we be then? Even criminals like Clive Bundy, will fail if that happens.